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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement

105 Kerckhoff Hall

(310) 825-7041

The SOLE Office advises over 1200 campus organizations. Services include registration of new and continuing organizations, programming assistance, organization & leadership development, fundraising approval and guidelines, funding proposal consultation, and advisement on rules and regulations. SOLE also approves time, place, and manner for the campus activities of registered organizations.


Mike Cohn


Mike Cohn Director

Kris Kaupalolo

Associate Director

Kris Kaupalolo Assistant Director

Janis L. Guzman

Mgmt. Services Officer

Janis L. Guzman Management Services Advisor

Pamela Cysner

Senior Advisor

Pamela Cysner Advisor

Evelyn Benitez

Program/Funding Advisor

Juan Robles-Vega

Fiscal Advisor

Juan Robles-Vega Fiscal Advisor

Aris Villegas

Fiscal Assistant


Karina Ciocca

Graduate Student Intern

Karina is wearing a blue button up shirt. They are standing in front of a green bush.