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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement

We’re here for you!

The SOLE is open from 8am - 5pm PST and the staff are working hybrid during our regular business hours. Schedule an appoint. We are available via email, zoom and in-person.

  • If you have questions for your organization’s advisor or want to schedule a virtual meeting - contact your advisor by email.
  • If you have questions about SOLE administered funds or have questions about University fiscal procedures, please contact our fiscal advisors.
  • You can find our emails on our About Us.
  • For general questions or inquiries, email us at
  • UCLA Covid-19 Resources page

News and Updates


  • SOLE sent out the Spring quarter, week 9 newsletter to signatories on Monday, May 23 
  • CAC Annual Application Opens July 18, 2022 and deadline to submit is Thursday August 25, 2022 (EXTENDED DEADLINE).

  • Bruin Plaza Reservations will open for the Fall 2022 quarter: the week of August 22, 2022 (Monday)

  • PAB Deadlines (Tentative) for 2022-2023 - Found on Funding Page as well:



Bruin Walk
Bruin Walk fundraising is available to registered campus organizations. For the time being, we have limited sales (food and non-food items) to four (4) groups per day to avoid excessive gathering. In order to fundraise, please complete the following:

  • Stop by the SOLE Office (Kerckhoff 105) and check the Bruin Walk Fundraiser Calendar to ensure your desired day/time is available.
  • Verify the item(s) you are looking to sell are eligible (perishable food items not permitted). 
  • Complete the Bruin Walk Permit (for non-food and food items) and have your Advisor sign off. If your Advisor is not available, the front desk can place it in their box. You will to coordinate with your Advisor when to retrieve it. 
  • Have your permit handy on the day you are fundraising. 

SOLE will no longer be posting flyers for Registered Campus Organizations or campus departments on the glass encased boards throughout campus. We encourage you to seek out alternative advertising methods such as:

  • Social media: Collaborate with UCLA departments and organizations to share your organization's information and/or upcoming events.
    • IF you are a Registered Campus Organization, utilize the @Bruinleaders Instagram's organization highlights:
  • Utilize Bruin Walk to distribute flyers and network with UCLA Students.
  • Consider utilizing digital advertising with ASUCLA and The Hill - make sure it is appropriate based on your target audience.
  • Utilize the SOLE Toolkit for additional advertising resources. 

Registration: all groups must register at least once per academic year

Spring registration is closed for the year.  Registration for new groups will start Fall 2022 during 0 week.
For Instructions go to  -  

Re-registration (for organizations that were registered last year academic year) will start the first week of September. 

2022 Charles E. Young (CEY) Humanitarian Award:

Check out the finalists and winners for the 2021 Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award on our SOLE Facebook Page and Bruin Leaders Instagram!

2021-2022 Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award Applications CLOSED:

Student Organizations

Find a Student Organization

UCLA offers over 1,300 student organizations including student governmentacademicleadershipspiritual & religiousclub sports, and community service organizations that you can get involved in. Search are our diverse groups and find your community!


The office of Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE) schedules Bruin Plaza for registered campus organizations (RCOs) and helps with the planning of their activities.

SOLE supports the scheduling of Meyerhoff Park for registered campus organizations, individual students, faculty or staff.

Bruin Plaza and Meyerhoff Park will be available for reservations. Visit for additional information. 

Your SOLE Advisor is here to offer support and guidance as we transition back to campus for winter quarter.


SOLE Past Event Resources:

If there are future workshop topics you would like SOLE to provide, please let us know:

SOLE Session: Organization Transition

Please contact your SOLE advisor to discuss specifics or questions about organization transition. 

Workshop Resources:

SOLE Session: University Funding and SOLE Fiscal Updates

Sorry you missed this workshop! Please check in with your advisor about remaining funds and SOLE Fiscal updates.

Workshop Resources:

SOLE Session: Student Leader Toolkit - Social Justice & Diversity Resources

Watch the recording and review our newly launched Student Leader Toolkit. Your SOLE Advisor is here to help you effectively utilize the toolkit and it incorporate it into your organization's efforts.

SOLE Session - USAC Contingency and Campus Programs Committee Mini Funding:

Watch the recording and view the resource sheet for funding tips, updates, and QA!

Recruitment Tips Workshop:

Watch the recording and view the resource sheet.

Spring One-Stop: Center for Accessible Education

Please contact your SOLE advisor to understand what practices they can implement to maximize inclusivity & accessibility at their organizations. 

Workshop Resources: