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UCLA Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement

With a campus this big, you’d expect that there were a fair number of policies that you’d have to be aware of in order to make things happen. And you’d be correct in that expectation. Our hope is that we can list a few of them here so that you will be better prepared to get things done at UCLA. Feel free to contact your SOLE Advisor to help you either interpret or better understand the policies.

Constitutions for Campus Organizations

What needs to be included in your constitution [sample constitution].

Corporate Support Policy

Speak with your SOLE advisor about corporate support and sponsorships.

Raffles, Lotteries, and Free Drawings

Fundraising ideas that take some additional work

Anti-Hazing form for Organizational Members

All members must sign and keep with group

Anti-Hazing form for Organizational Signatories

Authorized signatories must sign this and keep

University Statement Regarding Hazing

The University’s position on hazing

Anti-Hazing Policies

Review of definition, responsibilities, and liability.

Student Group Conduct Code

Code of Conduct for Student Groups

UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations, and Use of Properties

The campus regulations that 1) explain time, place, and manner regulations on University property, 2) define registered campus organizations and how they may conduct activities on campus, and 3) describe how University properties may be used.

UC Wide Campus Policies

System Wide Policies applying to campus activities

UCLA Campus Procedures & Criteria on Student Referenda For Compulsory Campus-Based Student Fees

Effective September 25, 2017

Use of University Name

How you can use the UCLA name

Use of Alcohol Policy

When and how alcohol can be used for events.

Use of Meyerhoff Park

Scheduling and use of Meyerhoff Park.

Use of Bruin Plaza

Scheduling and Use of Bruin Plaza

Use of Bruin Walk

Tabling, banners, and distribution

Signboard Policy

Where/When you can place signboards.

1st Amendment Rights at UCLA

Learn about your 1st Amendment rights at UCLA